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Own Your Power

monthly membership (auto-draft)

Join Today

Own Your Power. Invest in your health with regular monthly massage 


Benefits include:

*Roll-over your hours. Never miss out on your massages

*Share or gift your massages to others

*Pay the membership rate for any additional massages or gift certificates



3 MONTH $80/MONTH(REG. $95)

6 MONTH $65/MONTH(REG. $95)



3 MONTH $110/MONTH(REG. $125)

6 MONTH $95/MONTH(REG. $125)

Terms and Conditions

Hours are non-refundable. Hours expire 365/545 days from purchase date. 

Memberships are transferable, but non-refundable. You may cancel this agreement of your membership upon the following conditions: Your death or permanent physical disability, or if you move out more than an hour away. Written notice must be given at least 30 days in advance to avoid additional charges to your account. 

If you cancel your membership before the end of the duration, and wish to reactivate your account at a later date, you will have to pay the remaining balance of the membership before reactivation. 

3 month membership hours expire 365 days from date of withdrawal. 

6 month membership hours expire 545 days from date of withdrawal.

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